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All About Holistic Dentistry       

March 9, 2018 10:58 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

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Holistic dentistry as an approach to dental healthcare supports our choice to live a healthier, natural and less toxic life. It is based on the fundamental principle that the mouth and oral structures are integrated parts of our body.  This approach recognizes that the mouth and its major components are intricately connected to our whole body and as such cannot be viewed as an independent entity. Holistic dentistry is seen as a natural, non-toxic, aesthetic, bio-compatible and most importantly less invasive approach to dental healthcare. It encompasses both modern day and traditional approaches in curing various oral adverse conditions. Holistic dental care is targeted at treating the root cause of our dental problems rather than curing the perceived symptoms associated with oral adverse conditions.

Why Does Holistic Dental Care Matter?

Most people don’t know that healthy teeth and gums play a key role in our overall health status. Significant number of chronic health issues arise as a result of common problems associated with our mouth. Thus, holistic dentistry aims at providing means to detecting, and providing minimal intervention measures needed for our dental healthcare, considering how other health issues may significantly influenced our overall oral health.

How Does Holistic Dentistry Work?

Holistic approach to dentistry means:

Holistic approaches to treating dental issues examine the root causes of dental problems instead of just looking at the surface symptoms to provide quick fix, and then provide a lasting solution. Holistic approach to dental care takes into account our hygiene habits, diet, appearance and whole health goals to make the best treatments needed for our wellbeing.

Principles of Holistic Dentistry are as follows:

Some Holistic Approaches to Dental Care

Holistic dentistry takes the broad view of the dental profession with a philosophy that recognizes that the work done in the mouth has effects on our entire body, either positively or negatively. It therefore maximizes the invasive quality of these procedures. Rewarding holistic dental care approaches can be viewed in the following contexts:

Bio-compatible Dental Materials

It is very important that any materials introduced during the course of dental care treatments are bio compatibles, that is they should not present a major health hazard. Therefore, holistic dentists will only use materials and methods that do not cause adverse functioning to our body system as holistic dentistry approach to dental care ensures that patients are pre-tested for compatibility of materials.


It has been proven that majority of drugs invariable causes some imbalance in the working of the body. So for this reason, they are not frequently used in holistic dentistry because holistic dentists will only use homeopathic remedies, clinical nutrition, flower essence and other natural remedies in place of drugs.

The Uses of Fluoride

The use of fluoride has been shown to be beneficial as it strengthens our tooth enamel. However, holistic approaches to dental care by dentists no longer recommend it because of the perceived potentially toxic nature of fluoride. However, “Tooth decay can be controlled by sensible dietary habits”


When it comes to our oral health, being proactive at individual level could be the smartest choice we’ve got and a wise step to take at achieving a holistic dental healthcare. Why not take the step today? Because our mouth is more than just a beautiful smile, it is the gate way to our body and our health. Therefore, it is important that we visit an intelligent and compassionate holistic dentist who practices with the leading edge to optimal dental modalities and will help us decide with discernment!

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